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In 2009 President Obama stated the obvious, “Elections have consequences”. And the same could and should be said today. Elections do have consequences.  Many that supported Obama then - liked his comment then. Today those same people are feeling the consequences of the past election.

This election gives rise to two American movements. One being the Trump supporters who are mainly white workers that find discontentment in watching the loss of manufacturing jobs in the rural rust belt. The second primarily made of women, young people and liberals who supported Bernie Sanders.   These statements are generalities but you get the point.  Both movements have at least three items in common. 1) The belief that the usual politics of the past has failed them. 2) Neither movement was built on the backs of the political parties. 3) They believe America is going in the wrong direction – they just don’t agree on the right direction.

This is movement -  but what kind of movement? A short term burst of emotion or the beginning of a political populist movement that engages the people of this country.

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